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New Starline 5.56 Brass
New Starline 5.56 Brass
Our Price: $34.00
New Starline 5.56 Nato Brass
100 Count Bag

The 5.56x45mm NATO is the military version of the .223 Remington, which is one of the most widely used centerfire cartridges today. Starline’s 5.56x45mm brass is identical to Starline’s .223 Remington brass except for a slight change in the metallurgy making it harder at the base of the case.

When loaded at .223 Remington pressures, Starline's .223 brass is safe to use in any firearm chambered for .223 or 5.56x45mm. If loaded to 5.56 pressures, you need to use firearms labeled for use with 5.56mm. It can be unsafe to fire 5.56mm ammunition in firearms with a .223 Remington chamber.