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Cavity Back MKZ 125 grain 7.62x39/.310 Cavity Back MKZ 125 grain 7.62x39/.310 - VIEW ORDER PAGE

Quantity of 50 Projectiles

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Cavity Back 7.62x39/.310 - Maximum Kill Zone
This is our 125 grain premium hunting bullet for the 7.62x39/.310 shooter.
It is suited to 7.62x39/.310 caliber used in the AK47, SKS, AR47. These are NOT to be used in .308 caliber as high pressure could occur.
We decided to bring our successful MKZ hunting bullet to the venerable 7.62x39 world.
If you need to use your 7.62x39 dies .308 sizing button to get better neck tension on these .310 all copper projectiles.

Opening diameter in ballistic get tested to .840 of an inch.

Match Grade Hunting Projectiles

California Fish and Game Approved Certified Non-lead Projectiles

Opening speed range down to 1100 feet per second. This bullet still has substantial double caliber expansion at 1100 fps.

Ballistic Coefficient - .320 G1 BC

Projectile Length
- 1.066 in, 27.08 mm

Our Price: $41.50