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Reloading information for Cavity Back Projectiles

Cavity Back Bullets have shown to be very good at pressure handling.
That being said please use the starting load from a similar weight all copper monolithic projectile.
Start with known book starting loads, always, without exception!!
Use the data from your powder manufacturer as a starting point.
Always check the distance to the lands when loading longer than SAAMI specs.
We have no way of knowing the free-bore in your barrel in any caliber.
Our bullets are designed to be able to run longer than SAAMI specs while still loading to SAAMI specs if the re-loader chooses.
It is up to you the re-loader to make sure there is clearance to the lands in your chamber.

To save bullets you can do a single charge load ladder, typically in .5 grain increments.
Watch for pressure signs on each load.
At the first signs of pressure in YOUR barrel DO NOT go higher.

Only in some case with limited capacity have the MKZ's shown the ability to run the same charges as like lead bullets.
Such as the 120 MKZ in the 6.8 and the 120 SST.
It CANNOT be assumed this is the same with all bullets in a particular caliber.
Loads must always be worked in YOUR barrel.
We cannot stress this enough!!!
DO NOT run someone else's load without working up to it.

If you load up loads that are to hot and pull the projectiles (or for whatever reason) please check the cavity for powder that could be compressed into the cavity before reusing them. The cavity does hold powder in the loaded ammunition by design. So if you pull projectiles from loaded ammunition please inspect for retained powder.

If you are unsure of anything please DO NOT proceed.
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We will gladly answer your questions.

Thank you
Cavity Back Bullets